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Is Painting Considered Maintenance or a Capital Expense?

We are painting the outside of our office building as well as several warehouses we have. I am torn between fixed asset or maintenance. Does paint increase the life? I would think not really. But then, it may save the wood? Does anyone know where I can find the answers?

Is there anything new? That means painting for the first time. You have not done painting before. Then it can be capital expenditure or otherwise a revenue. Also: There’s also the materiality concept- has quite a bit to do with size of the organization and the nature of its operational activities in relation to which the subject expense/cost (that needs to be categorized/classified as either a revenue or a capital exp) has been incurred or is likely to be considered for decision making. While painting an airport, the size of the airport is a factor as also the periodicity of painting may become relevant factors.

I would generally agree with what has been posted so far. If you are repainting with latex or oil-based paint then it is an expense. If you are repainting with a ceramic type paint (e.g. Rhino Shield) I think you could argue that it could be treated as a capital expense, given the product’s anticipated useful life of 10 years, whereas latex/oil-based paint will only last about 5 years.

A company I worked for had a building with metal skin (Core Ten siding). It had rusted. We considered repainting it with a product which chemically bonded with the rust. Had we proceeded, we would have treated this as a capital expense, principally because of the products anticipated useful life of 15 years.

Painting is maintenance pure and simple. The fact that it preserves the wood, well carpeting protects the floor and wax protects a car, but they are expense items, not capital expenditures and certainly not revenue except

How to become a painter and decorator

What is a painting and decorating business and who is it suited to?

If you’re the sort of person that likes working with your hands, has a good head for heights and enjoys the satisfaction of a day’s hard graft and a job well done, then a painting and decorating business could be for you.

Unfortunately the misconception that it’s easy, low skilled work leads some to believe that it’ll also be easy money. These are the rogue traders or cowboy builders who tarnish the industry’s reputation with shoddy workmanship and a lackadaisical and unreliable approach. The truth is that it’s easy to do this job badly, but takes much more skill and effort to do it well and succeed, so while you technically don’t need any qualifications – skilled and hardworking decorators will always be more in demand.

It is a broad industry, and depending on what type of services you wish to offer, may require you to learn a number of skills and have the ability to work with a range of different materials. From tiling to plastering, painting to wallpaper pasting – the more you’re able to offer, the more work may come your way. Alternatively, you could hire individuals that specialise in one particular area to avoid a jack-of al-trades, master of none situation.

Commercial or Residential?

When thinking about becoming a self-employed painter or decorator, you’ll need to work out how you’re going to position yourself in the market – and what type of customer you’re going to target.

The “first thing you need to consider is whether you’re going to go into just residential… just commercial, or both,” explains Burton who does both – “You need to make sure you can get enough work, how you’re going to get it, and what sort of services you’re going to be offering.”

More Than Painting

With hard work, a willingness to serve, and a little luck, happened to stumble upon a massive need in the market: High-end properties were struggling to find consistent and quality services that also provided custom coatings and restoration solutions.

was able to refine and fine-tune his existing business model.

well-known for the painting, windows and siding do. Something that many people miss however, is highly-skilled custom floor coatings. There are myths surrounding renovation but flooring takes the cake. While it is implied to be a relatively simple branch of home improvement, there are many things to look out for.

A common mistake that occurs when applying an epoxy or urethane floor coating is that no sealant is placed in the space between the top layer and the foundation. It is necessary to bond this area together because otherwise the existing layer will begin to crack or peel after hardening. After using a shot blaster or diamond grinder to remove all remaining debris or uneven surfaces, flooring should properly adhere

Environmental factors such as temperature play a huge role in flooring as well. Even the slightest bit of fluctuation can influence adherence. Ideal working conditions are moderate and consistent with little change. Moisture and humidity can be problems too though. Before pouring any materials on to concrete it is helpful to test the surface for moisture to avoid a buildup of water vapor under the flooring. This can be done with a calcium chloride test.



Whether you are painting just one room in your home or you are repainting the entire interior, the choices and work can seem overwhelming. When you set out to paint the interior of your home, you are always optimistic. The plan is for the project to something that brings enjoyment to your family; however, at some point that was lost along the way.

The best way to easily navigate the difficulties of interior painting is to hire a trained and highly skilled painting professional. Whenever you get bogged down by a difficult decision, their knowledgeable team can provide you with the guidance, advice, or pointer to lead you in the right direction. If you are having difficulty articulating your vision as to how the interior painting project should look, a professional painter can help you with their vast experience. If you need help with materials or methods, a painting expert has the sources and skills to guide you through the process.

Quality Work Done Quickly

When homeowners attempt to handle their own interior painting projects, they often make minor oversights that can mess up even the best planned project. For example, many homeowners fail to prepare the room before paint application.

Even if you are using the highest quality interior paint, applying it to an unprepared surface will result in a lackluster look. Once this lackluster look is identified, the helpless home owner will have to repaint the area. This trial and error process adds to the time, expense, and stress of the project.

Help Embolden Your Home’s Uniqueness

Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer about the color scheme that you choose so long as you and your family enjoy what the interior of you home looks like. At the same time, without the help of an interior painting expert, homeowners fail to consider the simplest ways of taking advantage of the unique features of their homes.

Providing Commercial Painting

services offer are: EIFS repair, drywall repair, parking lot striping, specialty coatings, wallpaper and more. It is job to make you look good to your tenants and your colleagues. goal is to create a long term relationship with each new customer and to maintain each customer relationship with excellent service.

provide exterior and interior painting services for any of the following types of projects:

Commercial (all types)

Retail centers and strip malls

Office buildings (occupied and unoccupied)

Shopping malls

Hospitals and clinics




Aerospace facilities and high security office spaces



Ballparks and sporting facilities


Tenant improvement projects

New construction projects

Maintenance painting

Drywall patching and repainting

Wallcovering (removal or application)

Specialty coatings

Low VOC and green paints available

Parking lot painting

Caulking – remove old caulking and install new to expansion joints, windows and doors.

Exterior weatherization

Experience & Professionalism

When you select Painting & Coatings, you can be assured that your projects will be completed by craftsmen who have vast industry experience, have a clean background check, can pass a drug test and who take pride in themselves and their work. have stringent hiring practices, a great safety record and overall professionalism which sets apart from other painting contractors.

work crews go the extra mile to ensure the successful completion of your project with minimal disruptions to your business day. In fact, can help you to keep things business as usual by completing your projects in the evenings, overnight or over the weekend