Let Your Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Come To Life

Important Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Maybe you’ve been desperate to remodel your kitchen for years now. Maybe you’ve only recently started considering how a kitchen remodel could improve the functionality of your home. In either case, if you’re thinking about embarking upon a kitchen remodel, there are a few things to consider before deciding whether it’s the right move for you and your family.

What’s not working in your kitchen?

Do you like the arrangement of your appliances and how they relate to one another—is your microwave perhaps in an inconvenient location? What about the type of appliances you have—for example, would a different type of stove or oven improve your experience in the kitchen? Do you have enough storage and countertop space? Or do you maybe just really hate where your spoons are being stored?

What are your goals for your kitchen remodel?

When it comes to kitchen remodels, many of Heather’s clients goals are totally different from one another. One person may crave a fresh look, while others may be focused on increasing storage space or improving the flow from the kitchen to surrounding areas in the home.

That being said, the beauty of working with Heather is that you don’t have to know exactly what you want. In fact, ideally, you’ll be open to doing things you don’t see in magazines! Every kitchen doesn’t need to feature white cabinets and stone countertops. Heather can work with you to add colors, textures, and architectural elements to your home that will be fresh, unique, and beautiful while also functioning for your lifestyle.

What budget have you set for your kitchen remodel?

It can be hard to guess how much a kitchen remodel will cost, which occasionally makes clients hesitant to share their budgets. But usually, clients have at least a general idea of what they want to spend to achieve their goals for the project.

Kitchen Remodelling – Things to Discuss with Your Contractor Before Work Begins

economic times, many homeowners put off doing any kind of remodelling work on their homes. Now that real estate markets across the country are picking up, most homeowners are looking to do extensive home remodels. Whether you’re doing the remodel in order to sell your home or just to make it cosier and inviting for you, the first place most homeowners tend to want to begin is with a complete kitchen remodeling project.

Remember, the contractor you choose to do your kitchen remodel should be well respected, well known, and well liked in the area you live in. Once you have done your research and found the right contractor to meet your needs, there are a few things that you should discuss with him before work is even allowed to begin.

Your Personal Tastes and Preferences

Remember, this is your kitchen, and you choose what materials you want, what colors, and even how you want everything placed. If you want the height of your counters to be tall enough to match your six-foot frame without having to hunch, then you should let your contractor know. If you prefer wood over marble, then this is something you need to let your contractor know about as well. Remodelling your kitchen is about the choices you make – be sure that your contractor knows your tastes and preferences from the beginning.

Days and Hours of Work

Most construction companies have certain hours of the day that they work. Make sure that you know their schedule from the beginning so that you know if they are going to be working weekends or into the evening. This will help you, and them, to meet expectations for the project.

Your Budget and Overruns

You need to make it clear to your contractor from the very beginning what your budget is going to be for remodelling your kitchen. Inform them of the amount and make it clear if you can’t afford to go over. In this way, they will be sure to approve overruns or things that need to be changed through you, so that you don’t go over budget.

Kitchen Upgrades for Home Sellers

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, making upgrades can improve your property value and may speed up the sale process. In many cases you need to pick and choose rooms to renovate because you simply don’t have the budget to do a complete home reno

Renovating a kitchen that is too small, too dark or just too dated for buyers is one of the best ways to add ROI to your home and/or get a faster sale. A successful kitchen remodel can deliver a 70 percent return on investment and will help make your home a hot item on the local real estate market.

How much you should spend on your kitchen reno when done to aid a sale depends on how much you realistically can get for your home. If your home is in a neighborhood that has appreciated in value and many other homes have been renovated, you may want to invest in higher quality materials such as stone countertops so that your home will appeal to more affluent buyers.

Scratched and damaged counters are more than just an eyesore; they can also be harder to keep clean. Upgrading old counters will give your kitchen a fresh new look while also ensuring home buyers that your kitchen is functional and ready to use.

Stone countertops such as granite and counters made from natural materials have been in style for many years now, but at $50 to $250 per square foot, this may not be a realistic option for everyone. For homeowners on a  budget, tile countertops are a more realistic price at $10 per square foot.

Key Things to Consider Before Remodeling the Kitchen

Plan your Kitchen Remodling Today!

I mean, there’s hardly anything better than adding a big bay window above the sink that allows you to look out into your beautiful Iowa yard while you’re doing the dishes. But, there are a few important things to consider before remodeling your kitchen. So put down that Best Buy catalog, stop thinking about tiles for just a second, and answer these questions for yourself.

What’s Your Budget?

The first thing you should write down on your kitchen remodel checklist is your budget. This will determine everything from the type of paint you buy to the complexity of the job.

But, before we can break ground, we have to draw up a proposal and make sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of pricing. So, it helps if you know how much you can spend beforehand to save us all time.

What Type of Cabinets Are You Looking For?

Cabinets are the most important component of a kitchen. They’re essentially the framework that everything is built around. So, it’s important to consider them before you think about anything else.

Is the Sink Going to Move?

Most of the people who hire us for a kitchen renovation want to keep their sink in the same spot. They usually want us to replace it with a new sink, but they’re generally pretty happy with where it sits when we show up.

Benefits Of Remodeling Your Kitchen And Why You Should Use A Pro

There is always the excitement of transforming an old space into something entirely new. One of the important points in remodeling is you can change the feel, the look, and also the entire value of your home. Well, if you’re debating on whether to do it or not, here are some of the top benefits of a kitchen remodel and why you should use a professional remodeling expert for the job.

Improving The Value Of Your Home

Today, kitchen remodels have become very significant and popular in many homes. Depending on the overall value and size of your home; you should expect to pay a certain percentage for a quality kitchen renovation. However, don’t fret because it’s a worthwhile investment. With the current market rates, you should expect at least 75% return on investment.

Improve The Ambiance Of The House

An old and worn out kitchen is often very dull and boring. Often, you will find people ignoring it altogether. However, since you spend most of your time in the kitchen, it’s ideal to renovate it thus improving the overall ambiance of the house. Before doing the renovation, don’t get lost in the logistics and semantics. Rather, take the time to imagine the new look and feel that will bring a new ambiance.

Updating The Kitchen

So many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen using outdated appliances in their stuffy kitchens. Note that; renovation doesn’t mean adding new partitions or repainting the walls altogether. You can also replace all the old and worn out appliances and get an entirely new kitchen. If you haven’t been spending too much time in the kitchen because it’s too dull, you should think about renovating. That way, you can rediscover your lost love for cooking and spend more time in the kitchen.

Better Organization

With a kitchen renovation, you can optimize and streamline all the available space in your kitchen. That way, you can store any appliances, food or anything else that’s not being used currently. It’s a good way to de-clutter your kitchen and store everything away to make space look bigger, appealing and also more inviting. If you have been struggling with your kitchen organization issues, try a renovation and enjoy the new look.