Home Inspection The Leaky Roof

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Buyer’s Home Inspector The role of the home inspector is often misunderstood by both the Real Estate agent and the home buyer. An unqualified or uninformed inspector can cause enormous problems that many times cannot be corrected. The inspector who is hired by the buyer represents the buyer in […]

The Best Thing You Can Do To Meet Tax Preparation

The pros and cons of professional tax preparation One of the most important decisions you can make regarding your income taxes is whether to get your tax preparation done with the help of a professional, versus trying to go it alone or using self-guided tax preparation software. When it comes to your income taxes, a […]

Pediatric Chiropractic

What does pediatric physical therapist do? What is a Pediatric Physical Therapist? If your child needs physical therapy, they’ll work with a pediatric physical therapist (PT). Typically, pediatric PTs treat kids under 18, from newborns to teenagers. They see children for a variety of different reasons, including bone/muscle issues, sports-related injuries, or genetic, brain, spine, […]